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Foothills Market:  Last Chance Until After Thanksgiving!

Foothills Market will be open until 5:00 p.m. today for your shopping, but then we’ll take next week off. If you need anything for your Thanksgiving feast or the next couple of weeks, place your order today!

Miami County Locally Grown:  Thanksgiving Pies!

The Farmhouse Bakery has so many pies to choose from, for all your Thanksgiving Dinner needs!

From classic Apple and Pumpkin or juicy Peach to perfect Pecan and decadent Mixed Berry, it’s a sure way to please all your guests!

Monroe, GA:  Monroe Locally Grown is set to reopen!

Hi everyone!

We are excited to reopen Monroe Locally Grown! Our first ordering will open on 11/27 and our first pick up will be on 12/2 4pm-6pm at:

The Old Memorial Library
201 Bold Springs Avenue
Monroe, GA 30655

Our growers are working now on getting all of their listings updated for you to browse through. Emails for the order window opening will go out on Saturday, 11/27 at 12pm and will be open to take orders until Tuesday, 11/30 at 5pm.

Your account is still active for you to sign in to order.

Tell your friends and neighbors to join us for the market!

Contact me at: if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you on 12/2!

Miami County Locally Grown:  Better late than never :-)

At this point I’m sure it’s no shock that I’ve always loved writing. What’s most interesting for me currently is not only having had an outlet and reason TO write, but to get feedback from many of you! When I first had a story or vendor feature that seemed longer than normal, I questioned my husband whether I should (sigh) attempt to shorten them. His reply? “The people who want to read it are going to, and the people who aren’t will ignore a long email same as a short, so just go for it.” I knew I loved him.

And I so enjoy your reactions! The number of folks who emailed or talked at Pickup with tales of their mothers’ saved collections of butter papers, aluminum foil, bread and cereal bags, rubber bands, bread ties, etc. was unprecedented! Or those who grew up on a farm, or with a garden and canning all summer, or your own experiences teaching inner city youth – one gentlemen said he could relate to the stories of my Dayton students because he’d been at Belmont. If you didn’t have such relatable stories to share with me, I wouldn’t be encouraged to continue.

Last Tuesday at Market Pickup, one woman struck me in particular, as she said she feels it’s truly the land that connects us all, just in different ways. When she generously said I’d be missed, I told her I feel the same about all of you – you’ve never failed to amaze me at the end of each Market night that you’re all just, well, NICE, individually and collectively. It’s a pleasant place in which to work, and I told her it’s just so lovely what a nice, good group of people we have.

She said it’s that connection to the land – either folks grew up on farms, or wished they did, had or have a small garden, can relate to living off the land or are interested because it’s so far from what they know, or they simply appreciate the work which goes in to producing their food…

Food could be possibly the single unifier of such a diverse group (never more evident just how diverse from the last election til now). And I can watch folks who couldn’t agree on Anything in another setting all willingly choose to come to the same place to shop for local food – that’s very powerful to me. And it’s a refreshing time to have to step away, having been able to witness this beautiful group all making one singular, similar choice, irrespective of anything else.

But I must apologize for throwing many of you for a loop last night – since I almost always open Market with an email, when things went haywire and I just literally clicked the “Allow Customers to Order” button, many didn’t realize the Market was truly open for orders as they received no email! I got wrapped up going over things with Erin as our volunteer Marinda Mucci put everything away, and all of a sudden the folks who hold a meeting at 7pm in our pickup room began to arrive, before we were anywhere close to wrapped up!

So going home thinking I’d just finish up there was, well, futile – we’d packed up in Kentucky and left yesterday morning at 7am to drive back in time (thank the Good Lord Cincinnati was just normal hectic) to get invoices printed, highlighted, and me packed up to meet Erin (late! Ah!) at First Place, thankfully before all vendors showed up except poor Sugar Grove Maple, who was delivering more of their ever popular, always delicious maple syrup and sugar.

So since it’d been just another crazy Market day for the Ruff’s, when I showed up with all these little faces glad Mommy was home, well, many things did not happen last night, least of all the Market email!!

But yes, we’re Back for another happy week, and I’ll see many of you this upcoming Tuesday for Turkey pickups!! Yum yum yum!!

The Cumming Harvest:  Grower Spotlight and Holiday Gift Special from Connie's Cornucopia

This week, we hear from Connie. Be sure to check out her extensive product lineup, and shop her bath products for Holiday Packaging gift sets and special offers!

*At Connie’s Cornucopia, we believe you should let whole food be the prescription; or your prescriptions will be your food. Connie grew up in rural Ohio in the 1970’s on a self-sustaining 17-acre farm with 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Connie’s family raised livestock for meat and vegetables to not only eat but to preserve through canning and freezing so there would be enough over the winter. Connie wants to promote healthy living products, providing customers with year-around, all-natural fruits and vegetables through a Beyond-Organic Urban Farm based in Forsyth County GA since 2016.

*The natural-ingredient, Bath and Face Product Line will now have Holiday Packaging gift sets available just in time for Christmas. We are also offering a special for Christmas when you make a single purchase of 5 different items of our Bath and Body products you will receive a gift certificate of $5.00 off your next purchase. Please see the Grower’s new product listing in the coming weeks for all the exciting products! Connie remains proud to be part of the Cumming Harvest and looks forward to serving everyone in the future!

Our address is: 3540 Keith Bridge Road, Cumming 30041 (behind Hollywood Feed). Please be sure to come to the new address this weekend.

As a reminder the market is open from Wednesday morning through Thursday at 8pm for orders. All orders must be picked up on Saturday from 10am until 12pm noon. Please be respectful of our volunteers’ time and plan to pick up early and not right before noon.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Angie Breindl
Local Support for Cumming Harvest Market and Meals by Grace

Grumpy Goat:  Weblog Entry

We hope that everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving week! As of next Tuesday we should have the store set up with all our holiday offerings – Christmas gnomes, wool ball garland, additional jams and jellies, etc so check it out as you are picking up your orders.

And don’t forget to come and visit us and many other wonderful vendors at the Christmas Market at Saint Paul United Church of Christ on Saturday 10-3!!!!

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order before 10pm!

Market2Go has got what you need for Thanksgiving next week, and we will NOT be having a market on the 25th, so be sure to stock up your pantry now before time runs out!

Market2Go’s recipe section has over 300 dishes to choose from, so here’s a little taste of our seasonal culinary inspiration:



And Vegan friendly options

Be sure to check out the recipe section for even more culinary inspiration!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Click to order at Market2Go!

Wedge Oak Farm:  Weekend Before Thanksgiving and the NEW Farm Shop Hours

So we are headed to Richland park this weekend with all of the cuts and eggs and bacon you need for the delicious Thanksgiving feast you envison creating!
order now to reserve your favorites in locally raised meats and eggs.
We look forward to seeing you Saturday Nov 20.

WOF Farm Shop in Lebanon, TN
Opening Hours:
Monday November 22 10AM-2:00 PM
Tuesday November 23 3:00-5:30 PM

So, if you cannot make it to Richland Parks on Saturday we will hope to see you at the farm Monday or Tuesday!

Order online here or come out and take a peek at what we have to offer.


Locally Grown STT:  Happy Tuesday Locally Grown Shoppers

The Online Farmers Market is still open for purchases until Wednesday at 5pm.

Some items still available:

-fresh local eggs
-fresh duck eggs
-lettuce from Drina’s Farm

-Mustard greens and Mesclun greens mix

-fresh sorrel flowers and Bok Choy Paradise Farms

-local wines by Wine on the Rock: Passionfruit, Jojo Plum and
West Indian cherry

-hot sause by Shangri La

Market will be closed next week as we gather to enjoy Family and Friends.

Be safe, each day is a gift, share your lovely smile w someone.

Miami County Locally Grown:  Festival of Trees OPEN til 11:30 this evening!

Troy-Miami County Public Library’s 2021 Festival of Trees features uniquely decorated trees and wreaths, along with other special items, created by local businesses and organizations.

You can bid NOW, and win, these beautiful items and their accompanying gift packages!

The Homegrown Holiday tree from the Virtual Market includes 5 gift certificates, maple syrup, honey, canned meats, mustard, a handmade wool ornament and wooden Christmas tree – over $140 in products!

Visit to see all of the participating area businesses and the great collection of donated items you can win, but only until 11:30pm TONIGHT!

A great way to get in the holiday spirit AND support your library!