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Statesboro Market2Go:  Happy Thanksgiving!

Market2Go is closed this week for Thanksgiving. We will reopen on Friday the 26th.

The last Saturday market is the 20th, followed by Shopping by Lantern Light on Tuesday, Nov 23rd from 6-8pm in the Synovus Bank parking lot. More than 60 vendors are expected. Come out and shop local for Thanksgiving goodies like fresh produce, cakes, pies, meats, and casseroles. Plus you can begin your holiday gift buying early – there will be a huge selection of fine art, crafts, jewelry, soaps, candles, and more!

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown:  Market is open for orders!

Good evening Locavores, Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is open for orders!

Go to the market >>
Fresh Vegetables
Clean Meats
Baked Goods with Organic ingredients
Gluten Free goodies
Pastured Eggs
See all products

Market stays open from Fridays 9 p.m. until at least 9 p.m. Mondays!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Locally Grown as a way to support your local producers. This online farmers market allows you to buy directly from multiple farms committed to chemical-free and local produce all year long! CHEMICAL-FREE means produce and pastures grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. LOCAL means within 80 miles from the market pickup locations (usually much much closer). Do you know someone who grows chemical-free food in the area? Get them in touch with us. Know someone who wants fresh food? Spread the word. Put the two together, and that’s growing organically!

PICKUP TIME is Wednesday from 5-6:30 p.m.

If you do not get an email ORDER CONFIRMATION right after you order then your order is NOT complete. Log back in and your order might still be there waiting for you to check out! If you have any trouble or questions at all, we are here to help; simply reply to this email.

COVID19: Thanks for recognizing we can all do our part in operating in the safest way possible. Be on the lookout for the order reminder email with any changes to pickup or ways you can help minimize risk for our volunteers and each other. Thanks for your support!*

The Wednesday Market:  Wednesday Market - Special Hours for Thanksgiving

Good afternoon. For Thanksgiving week, The Wednesday Market will have special hours, as follows:

The Market is OPEN TONIGHT. Please place your order by 10 p.m. SUNDAY.

Miller-Pye orders will be ready for pick up between 2 and 3 p.m. WEDNESDAY so that the baked goods will be fresh for Thanksgiving.

Orders from all other producers will be ready for pick up between 2 and 4 p.m. TUESDAY.

Please take note of these special hours. We don’t want our customers to miss out on ordering for their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Thank you for supporting Georgia Grown, and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Beverly Walter
Sharon Fox
Nelda Miller

Russellville Community Market:  The Thanksgiving Market is Open!

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. You will receive a confirmation email.

Orders will be ready for pick-up from 4 PM – 7:00 PM this Tuesday outside the Downtown Russellville Train Depot.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – the Depot has been closed to the public due to the ongoing COVID outbreak. Please remain in your car, and your order will be brought out to you in a full-service fashion. You may ask an RCM worker about any available extra items! We are happy to serve you, and we thank you for your patience during this public health crisis.

With Thanksgiving coming up, you will not want to miss out on all the goodies we have on the market this week!

Highlighted on the Market – Sweet Potato & Pecan Pie, several types of Pork Roasts, Beef Brisket, Collard, Sorrel, Turnip, & Mustard Greens, Dinner Rolls, Pumpkin & Apple Streusel, Butterhead Lettuce, and Winter Squash.

We also have swoon-worthy scented soy wax candles, farm-fresh eggs, an assortment of baked goods, freshly-picked veggies, handmade farm crafts, and a vast selection of roasts, sausages, steaks, and pork available!

Check back frequently as our farmers regularly update what they have available. Multiple orders are encouraged. :)

Thank you for choosing to shop and eat locally!
We wish you a happy harvest!

Russellville Community Market


Conway, AR:  Wickles! CLG Pickup TODAY 3:00-6pm. Bring eggshells, glass jars, & egg cartons please.

Good morning!

Please wear a mask today when you pick up your ordered items. Thank you.

You need Wickles in your life. We’ll have 12 pints and 12 half-pints of Steve’s zesty dill pickles on the extras table today. You might want to leave work early to be sure and get some!

We will continue our contact-less delivery to your vehicle when you are parked outside the lobby. Just text me your name and vehicle description and we will bring your order out. 501-339–1039

It’s time to train the birds to stay around your house during the upcoming winter months. Hang a suet cake basket now and get them in the habit of stopping by your house for all their nutritional needs. You’ll see more of them this winter when it’s cold and possibly snowy. We’ll have 20 suet cakes on the extras table for only $1 each.

This is a pickup reminder for those of you who ordered this week. Thank you for your order! You can pick up your order from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. today at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church at 925 Mitchell Street in Conway.

If something comes up that you cannot personally pick up your order today, please contact someone to pick up for you.

Remember to bring your EGGSHELLS, glass jars for recycling, egg cartons, and bags for ordered items. Reduce, reuse, recycle! See you this afternoon.

Even if you didn’t make an order, you can come by to shop the EXTRAS table.

Martin's Farmstand:  Thank you Lord for a good harvest

We are open today (Saturday Nov 20 ) and next week we are open Monday-Wednesday from 10 am-6 pm (Nov 22-24). We are closed Thanksgiving day and Friday -Saturday of next week Between Dec 2 and ending Dec 23 we will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon till 5 pm. After the new year we plan to be open Saturday afternoons from noon till 5 pm through out the rest of the winter. Thanksgiving time is a time to slow down and to assess our lives and to especially focus on our blessings. For farmers and homesteaders it is a time look at the harvest and just say Thank you. On the farm we are working at putting the winter mulch of leaves on the berries and putting various equipment in order and into dry winter storage. Now is also the beginning of what I call planning season. Before we can order seed and supplies one needs to think about so many details both big and small. Daniel

Miami County Locally Grown:  Adventure Update

For those of you who have read about our ongoing journey and offered encouragement, support and friendship, your kindness and generosity just mean the world to us. Thank you!

Here’s an update of our adventure, and an attempt to answer many questions we’ve had –

No, we do not have a set timetable for when the move will be finished. We hoped to be down before the weather turned too ugly – the roads to our place I don’t want to traverse in ice and snow. I’ve gotten to a point I never thought I’d reach when we first went down to look – I no longer hold my breath at certain spots along the way, and I can even look out the window (and down!) without that unsettling feeling in my stomach. The children got such a kick out of that initially, when they’d say, “Wow, Mom, look!” And I’d look, and squeal, close my eyes, and try to slide more to the middle of the vehicle (more for their giggles than anything, ahem).

We’ve moved some of our beef cattle down (we have a two-horse livestock trailer where we can fit two cows in the back and a calf up front) as we’ve already fenced them a paddock where their water is at their barn as well as three additional connected fields that we can open them into as they need. But we are still waiting on the electric wire we need to come in (why are so many supplies so hard to get right now!? Yikes!) so we can run electric for the fencer and water lines to the other (dairy) barn, before we can move the last two dairy cows down. Thankfully we’ve kept the calves on their mothers so we’re not milking everyone, which simplifies life for us, as well as our two Saintly friends who milk for us in the evenings when we go down to work each week.

Our schedule is so fluid right now nothing is the same one week to the next, and I’m amazed how resilient the children have been, because Mommy feels nothing but haggard (why is it so hard to sleep when you’re so tired! I’d really like to have a Big Red Button to shut my brain off, as would my husband). It makes me laugh, and sigh, when one child or another asks, “When I wake up tomorrow, where will we be?” Or “Where are we sleeping tonight?” Quite the ongoing camping adventure. And only one more license plate to collect… Hawaii!

And more than anything right now it’s a matter of clearing back the brush, brambles, and forest to find the old fence rows (anywhere from 10-50ft back so far) so we can pull out the old 5 strands of barb wire and rotten posts before putting up the new fence, or figuring where we need to clear to make our own new fences work for our cattle, pigs, and sheep – even the garden and orchard are getting 6ft fence with barb wire on top – Lee said it looks like a military compound haha. But deer and turkeys beware – I am not working this hard to feed you instead of us! We’re at a good place right now, steadily working along on fence for the pigs, while waiting on the electric wire.

We’d decided to only take down a few sows, the boar, and a feeder who’ll be ready before spring, and while we’re up in Ohio have gotten some of the other pigs into the freezer – better they feed us than we feed them, and easier to transport! So that’s been a fun fall job, and our Happy Thanksgiving project, although the sound of Lee and ALL the children crunching on cracklings for some reason is like nails on a chalkboard to me, wow.

And as one of our good-customers-turned-dear-friend once said, one of the beautiful things about farming is the diversity of the work – if you don’t particularly like today’s job, there’ll be another tomorrow, or even after lunch!

Miami County Locally Grown:  Turkey Pickup THIS TUE!

Remember! This upcoming Tuesday, November 23rd is Turkey Pickup for everyone who ordered a Thanksgiving Turkey from King’s Poultry Farm!

During regular Market hours, 3:30-6:30pm, you’ve already paid – now it’s time to get your bird! They’ll be conveniently boxed in a sturdy meat box, and remember – these turkeys have never been frozen! They will have just been processed Monday and coming to you from our fridge!

Wait til you taste the difference a truly FRESH turkey can make! Mmmmm :-)

And we’re OPEN tonight as usual, til 9pm!

Lathemtown Farm Fresh Market:  Thanksgiving Ordering

Good morning! The market is open for Thanksgiving orders through Saturday evening.
Pick up will be next Wednesday (11/24) after 10am.
If you have any special requests or modifications you need – please make those ASAP.
If you would like your item packed in your dishware, those need to be dropped off in the stand by Monday evening. You can text me when you drop them off at 404-805-3413.
I am trying to get the first round of Christmas cookies made, but there will be a limited variety until after Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your supporting our market!

Many blessings to you and your families!

Farmher Chef Amy

Independence,VA:  Market is OPEN for Nov. 24th pickup!

Good evening!

The Online Market is open for orders! We have such a great variety of products for your Thanksgiving meal all made by your friends and neighbors!

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for a pickup time for your tree and/or wreaths, please use the links below at your convenience.

November 24th Pickup.

December 1st Pickup.

Seeds are in stock for the 2022 growing season! Support the Market and surprise your loved ones with the seeds they love to grow this holiday season!

If you’d like to schedule a curbside pickup, please feel free to schedule a time using the Calendly link below. You can also drop by and pick up your order INSIDE the office any time on Wednesdays between 4-6 pm.

Thanks again and happy shopping!
To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Schedule Your Pickup Time (OPTIONAL): Calendly.
After you click “Confirm” on your time, be sure to enter your information and click, “Schedule an Event”. You will get a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are not scheduled and need to try again.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Market!