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Martin's Farmstand:  Peeled Garlic and free Brussels Sprouts, Stand is open today.

The farmstand is open today, tomorrow and Saturday this week from 12:30pm to 5 pm. We have lots of garlic left and I have the peeler set up to run now. We have a sale for the next three weeks on peeled garlic with the price the same as unpeeled garlic ($7.99/# or 10 lbs for $60) We have about 50 lbs of brussel sprouts left plus a few more in the field. Some of them are damaged from freezing and some are good however until they are cut open it is hard to tell if they are good. I am giving all remaining brussel sprouts away for free today to anyone that wants them on a first come basis. There is a lot of good there but it is more work to get them ready to serve. The bulk food room is stocked up and there are lots of all sorts of storage vegetables. Come and get it!

Winter schedule is as follows: From Dec 1st till Dec 23 we are open Thursday- Saturday 12:30- 5 PM. After New Year till spring we plan to be open each Saturday afternoon 12:30- 5 PM (Call ahead if weather is severe) Daniel

Champaign, OH:  Thursday Pick Up!

Good morning on this cold, first day of December!!!

And, a quick reminder that if you placed an order for this week, tonight is your night for market pick up, 4pm-6pm!!!

If you need a Friday pick up or a Saturday pick up, please let me know!

See you, this evening…

Cosmic Pam

Foothills Market:  Market Reminder

Foothills Market is still open for two more hours. Don’t miss your chance this week for fresh, local food!

Independence,VA:  Online Market is OPEN for December, 7 Pick-up!

Happy Wednesday, Market Friends!

The Online Market is now OPEN for ordering until Monday night at 8 PM. The next Pick-up day is Wednesday, December 7 between 4 and 6 pm.

Thank you to everyone who ordered their Christmas trees and wreathes through the Market this year!

Don’t Forget, this Friday we welcome the Festive Season by celebrating together at the Hometown Holiday Market. Our vendors will be set up on Courthouse Street and inside the 1908 Courthouse offering seasonal produce, baked goods, locally raised meats and handmade crafts from 3 PM to 6 PM. We will also host our annual Chili Cook-off along the back of the 1908 Courthouse. Join us for an afternoon of Holiday fun before the Tree Lighting that evening!

Next Wednesday we are hosting an Online Market Open House! Stop by the Grayson Landcare Office on Courthouse Street between 4 and 6 PM to meet our vendors, sample their wares and enjoy your local community even out of outdoor Market Season!

We look forward to seeing y’all.

If you’d like to schedule a curbside pickup to conveniently have your box awaiting upon your arrival, please feel free to schedule a time using the Calendly link below. Otherwise, You can drop by and pick up your order inside the office any time on Wednesday, December 30, between 4-6 pm.

Thank you, happy shopping!

To shop:

Schedule Your Pickup Time (OPTIONAL): Calendly.
After you click “Confirm” on your time, be sure to enter your information and click, “Schedule an Event”. You will get a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are not scheduled and need to try again.

Thank you for supporting the Market!

-Christian, Online Market Manager

Connie's Cornucopia:  New Cuktured Coconut Milk

Just 1 Tablespoon daily provides 4 + TRILLION CFU of active bacteria and a natural syergy of 40+ probiotic strains.

100% Additive-Free
No Guar Gum, Sulphites, Carrageenan or Bisphenol (BPA)


The Cultured Coconut
Nature’s Finest Probiotic
A Natural Synergy of Live & Active Bacteria that Contribute to Healthy Gut Flora.

Grumpy Goat:  Weblog Entry

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. Ours was good and quiet because Matt was at the tail end of of a mild Covid case. We are back in good health though and , fingers crossed, will have heat soon!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve made another large batch of bourbon spiced nuts. You can place an order for them or come on out to see us during this busy market week. We will be at:

Brukner Nature Center – Saturday 9-4

Russia’s Christkindl market Sunday 5-7 (it’s super cute )

Miami County Locally Grown – Tuesday 3:30-6:30

Also Molly still has some Elderberry syrup kits available. A great gift for those hard to shop for people, hostess gifts, etc. support local!!!!

Connie's Cornucopia:  Sale on All Mushrooms 10% off this week.

10% off when you order any of our 3 kinds of mushrooms. This will be subtracted from your invoice before your card is ran.


Champaign, OH:  Holiday


If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be
It would be so nice…

Lately, I’ve been reliving my Madonna days of the early to mid 80s. She was heavily featured in my Thanksgiving playlist, and well, now…how perfect to kick off the days that are heading into the official holiday season.

I mean, if you want to get groovy for the day, just turn up this song, and get to dancing it all out…

Also, as you know, I am back in action!! And, have added a couple of holiday baked items that may interest you for your holiday needs. I’ve added my Cosmic Fudge, and a new breakfast roll…the Stuffed Sugaree…so yum!

I feel like I was gone for so long…well, a whole month with the arrival of babe Lennon, and then with dental work, but it feels great to be back in the swing of things!

Also, I know that you are all wondering about eggs. All the chickens seem to take their own holiday, all at once. But all egg vendors are chanting, pleading, and babying their chickens for more eggs!

So, it’s Tuesday, and the market will close at 8am, today…get those orders in for Thursday!!

It’s so great to be back!! I will see you all on Thursday at pick up!!

Cosmic Pam

Yalaha, FL:  Market Open

The regular ordering window is now through Thursday 8am for Friday-Sunday pickup.

I may still be able to take orders after Thursday Morning but can’t guarantee availability of things as I may have already packed them for the Restaurants.
Ordering window is Monday Afternoon (or when I open it) through Thursday Morning and pick up will be Friday-Sunday by appointment until we expand more, Please indicate when you would like to pick up when you place your order.

Remember to tell me when you want to pick up! (and if I don’t reply to confirm within a day, bump my e-mail or text me 407-342-8515. Though I have cleaned up my e-mail so hopefully I won’t Miss Anyone.)

Sign in to order.

You have to sign in to see the add to cart button. Then set the number and click the add to cart button on the items you want to buy (it is the little picture right next to the quantity box.) Remember you need to check out before your order will be placed.
Remember to let me know when you want to pick up on Sat or maybe even Friday late afternoon or on Sunday. (If I don’t send you an e-mail confirmation of your order and pick up time, please make sure you checked out and completed your order.)

Connie's Cornucopia:  NEW Butter & Buttermilk

Check it out.